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About FFX

Furious FX began soon after the close of Cinesite Hollywood in 2003, which left many who had worked there for nearly a decade wondering what was next.  The industry was reaching a point where the prospect of starting a new facility seemed much more plausible, so a few of us more adventurous types figured the timing (given that our employer would no longer be doing business in town) couldn’t be more ideal.


Eighteen years and nearly 10,000 shots later, we are still here, … and keeping very busy with our most complex work to date!


Our team consists of long-time colleagues and industry veterans who are both exceedingly creative and uncompromisingly responsible.  Surrounding ourselves with a crew of self-starters who take pride in their work, and are their own worst critics, has allowed us to produce an unprecedented volume of eye-popping visuals with a far more streamlined facility.

Dave Lingenfelser

VFX Supervisor / Owner

During the past 26 years, Dave Lingenfelser has developed a reputation as one of the most skilled artists in the visual effects industry.  He has left his creative mark on over 130 films and television shows, beginning as a restoration painter and working his way up to full-fledged visual effects supervisor.


At the facility level, he has helped develop production pipelines that enabled many projects to flow through simultaneously.  During his years at Cinesite Hollywood, Dave continually earned lead positions on large-scale projects before taking the reigns as an overall supervisor.


He has proven skilled at maintaining communication between various internal departments while providing solutions needed to achieve the quality images desired by filmmakers.  This dedication to success keeps him busy in all areas of the process, including pre-production, on-set supervision, previzualization, and through the final stages of post.

As Executive VFX Supervisor at Furious FX, Dave guides the look of all work making its way through the facility.

Scott Dougherty

VFX Producer / Owner

Building off a career of production management and art department work for feature films, Scott Dougherty brings over 28 years of effects-specific knowledge as Executive Producer.


For a decade he worked within and helped design the visual effects pipeline at Cinesite Hollywood.  Scott filled many roles integral to the production process, including Production Accountant, Facility Scheduler, VFX Coordinator, Producer, and Executive Producer for the Kodak subsidiary.  He has been responsible for managing well over two hundred employees spread throughout numerous departments and in overseas offices, along with establishing and maintaining a large number of strong connections with the directors, producers, supervisors, department heads, and executives of both production companies and the major studios.


Along with the client confidence secured through his successful delivery of over 175 feature films and television programs containing thousands of visual effects, Scott attracts a reputable clientele looking to fulfill the needs of their projects.

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